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Should I Hire a Private Attorney?

Should I hire a private attorney?

If you can afford to hire a private attorney you should. Public Defenders are paid to represent people who do not have the means to hire a private attorney.   One public defender’s office must have heard the complaints because it offers advice to the question, “Should I try to hire a private attorney because they will do a better job/the Public Defender is overworked/not as experienced/doesn’t care/works for the County/works for the Judges/works for the State?”  

Can I represent myself?

The court is a scary place for the untrained. The joke is that lawyers and judges sit around thinking of ways to make the process impossible to understand in order to further the demand for our services.   It is more accurately stated, “One who represents himself, has a fool for a client.”

Here’s what a recent City Official advised: SAN DIEGO -- With San Diego City Council members facing subpoenas relating to the destruction of financial documents, City Attorney Mike Aguirre has advised them to hire their own private lawyers at the city's expense. (Wouldn’t you love to hire an attorney at the City’s expense?!)

A good lawyer can do everything possible to protect you and minimize the impact of the case on you in all areas of your life.   You should at least consult with an experienced criminal defense lawyer, someone that has experience representing people accused of similar charges.   Every case is unique and you deserve an advocate fighting in your corner.

Are there more advantages to hiring us vs. using a public defender?

Caseload. We have your case to appear on while the public defenders typically have the majority of cases on the calendar that day and everyday, so it is almost impossible to give the personal attention that we do—the personal attention you deserve.

We can show up for you in many instances, but the public defender will require that you attend each court appearance.

You will speak to and meet the attorney that will handle your case the first time you call us, but you cannot choose the public defender you get, and you may get a different one every time you show up to court.  

Reputation.   We survive on it, we want you to be so happy that you can’t wait to tell your friends that you had an excellent attorney.

Isn’t it important to have an experienced local private attorney working for you?   Why put your future in the hands of anyone other than the one that can provide not just great advice and representation but a service-minded professional who is willing to listen.

Disclaimer: This site is an advertisement and not intended to create an attorney/client relationship or to provide advice in any way. You should not take the guidelines contained herein and expect a contractual guarantee or promise regarding your specific matter.   Please call or submit your information for a consultation over the phone or in person to properly form the basis of a valuable attorney/client representation.   Thank you!

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