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Bench Warrants

Mr. Grupenhagen handles Bench Warrant Cases in Orange County.   If you need an Attorney for a bench warrant recall, call today.   Bench warrants are just that, a warrant issued by the bench or the Judge of the Court.   The following are examples of why bench warrants are issued:

A Judge will issue a bench warrant for failure to appear in Court ("FTA") when you have promised to do so.   The bench warrant is then entered into the Department of Justice computer system.   If you are stopped by a police officer, a systems check by your California driver's license number will reveal the warrant and you will be arrested and brought before the Court.   You may be denied bail when you have failed to appear on prior occasions.

A Judge will issue a bench warrant for failure to pay a fine.   Again, if you are stopped by a police officer, he will locate the warrant in the system and you can be arrested and brought before a Judge.

If the case is a misdemeanor, we will appear on your behalf, with your permission and you may not have to be present.   The bench warrant will be recalled, or removed from the system, and then we will handle the case and make every effort to keep you from getting arrested again, or going back to jail.

If the case is a felony, you must be present in order to recall the bench warrant.   When the warrant is recalled, the Judge may require bail.   One reason that allows the judge to require bail is one’s history for failing to make prior court dates.   If you have a warrant, it’s a good possibility that you already missed a court date.   If the Judge insists on bail, we can argue for a reduction, and will take precautions well ahead of time by having a professional bail agent that will meet with you beforehand to approve you for bail.   The bail agent then can post the bond in the courthouse, and you don’t have to go back into custody.   Our goal is have you come in the front door, and exit out the front door.

You should know of the potential consequences of having a bench warrant issued:

Your driver’s license can be suspended by the DMV.   Once the warrant is cleared, the court will send an abstract of your newly cleared driving record to the DMV.   In a matter of a couple days, you can go to a DMV branch office and get your license reinstated.  

Failure to pay fines can also cause a problem with DMV.   This is because they can suspend your driver's license until the fine is paid in full.   Once the fine is paid or your attorney asks the court to remove failure to pay and get your payments current, the court will send your updated abstract to the DMV where you can then go and pay to get your license reinstated.

There have been several cases in which our attorney's have recalled bench warrant's successfully without having our client's taken into custody or having to post bail.   The advantages of having Mr. Grupenhagen recall your bench warrant is that he is familiar with the procedure in Orange County courts.   His knowledge of local courts allows him to advise you what you can expect to happen and provide peace of mind until you are no longer a fugitive of justice in the eyes of the court.

Don’t attempt to go yourself and talk your way out of it.   we bet the judge has heard every excuse and probably won’t have the patience to listen to you.   Let Mr. Grupenhagen assist you with your bench warrant recall.

Call our office today to help you with any warrant that may have been issued for your arrest.

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