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Computer and Internet Crimes in Orange County

Mr. Grupenhagen represents those charged with Computer Crimes in Orange County.   If you need an Orange County Lawyer for a crime involving the internet or otherwise, call today.  

The Internet is here to stay, it’s an integral part of our computing life, how do we know? You’re reading this right now.   Along with the increased use, comes increased misuse.   Law enforcement and public concerns about illegal activity is always growing.   Which is why is you are accused or investigated for some illegal activity on the web, your ISP will usually cooperate to help police find out what’s going on, and potentially get login data, or ID addresses linking your computer to the investigation.

There are several computer activities that are prohibited under the law.   There are obvious.   Briefly, these include soliciting or passing obscene material over the web.   The law prohibits all possessing and publishing for sale or distribution of sexual conduct by a minor.   Including storing images on hardware, software or any storage medium including CD-ROMS and any printing of a computer generated image.   This crime is an attempt to stop the flow of child pornography on the web.

A derivative of this is the sexual exploitation of minors that can occur on the internet.   The crime involves forms of exchanging an image or photo showing a minor engaging in an act of sexual conduct.   This charge is aimed at the user rather than the distribution.   Distribution is the act of using email to transfer pictures, the recipient is considered the user possession, and could be considered a distributor under complicity laws.

Beware if you have engaged in any of this sort of behavior.   The police often pose as minors wishing to get involved with adults.   If you don’t the person you’re conversing with, the police may be the ones on the other end.   No warning is strong enough, call an experienced attorney for you questions about activity you perceive involving computer crimes in Orange County.

Stalking is another crime that can occur via computers and the web.   This requires repeatedly harassing someone by using an electronic communication device or threatening someone creating a reasonable apprehension of fear.   A pattern of behavior involving on-line threats that create a legitimate fear, is stalking.

Like stalking, harassing someone via a computer is a crime.   A felony can be committed by this activity.   Don’t take it lightly, there are people in prison today that were convicted of emailing or chatting on-line and things got out of hand.

These are just some of the acts that are now attributed to Internet crimes in Orange County by state law.   A bigger problem arises when one is charged with a violation of Federal Law by using the internet to commit crimes that cross state lines and pass through interstate commerce via the telephone.   In a federal case, the penalties are severe.   Call me for a free consultation to discuss your case involving Internet crimes in Orange County.

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