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Orange County DMV Hearings

Mr. Grupenhagen handles all types of DMV cases in Orange County, so if you need an attorney for your DMV Hearing in Orange County, call today. There are several different types of hearings depending on the type of suspension you are facing, including Administrative Per Se actions following a DUI arrest, a negligent operator suspension, and suspension for lack of skill.

In an administrative per se hearing, or APS, the driver has ten days from the date of arrest to request a hearing. If you do not contact me to request a hearing within ten days, your right to hearing is waived and your license will be suspended. In Orange County, the APS hearings occur at the Driver’s Safety Office in Irvine, calling one of the field offices won’t help you. Once the hearing is requested in a timely manner, the DMV will stay the license suspension pending the outcome of the hearing, which allows you to keep driving until a decision is made after the hearing. For a first DUI, you are facing a four month suspension, but you can obtain a restricted license after an absolute ban on your right to drive for 30 days. When the 30 days starts and ends requires further inquiry by an experienced attorney. If you were under 21 when arrested, you are facing one year of suspension, with no right to a restricted license, except in case of a “critical need”. Call me to help explain this to you in the event you are facing an APS suspension in Orange County, in addition to assisting you with the impending court charges for driving under the influence.

If a suspension is imposed for a DUI arrest, and you are over 21, you can apply for a restricted license from the DMV after the first 30 day period of suspension, payment of a reissue fee, providing an SR-22 insurance form, and with proof of enrollment in a certified alcohol program. The restricted license allows you to drive only to work and the program, and in most cases, is the saving grace for everyone that lives or works in Orange County. DMV matters can seriously jeopardize your freedom to move about. Call me today if you’re facing a DMV action on your license.

The DMV also suspends a driver’s license when you accumulate too many points for traffic violations and accidents in a set time period. If you accumulate 4 points in one year, 6 points in two years, or 8 points in three years, you will receive a letter of suspension from the DMV. But not to worry, we have been successful in defending against such DMV suspensions in Orange County. It is imperative that you call me as soon as you are notified of your right to have this kind of hearing. Frankly, it’s already a little late to call me, because you should let me handle your traffic matters before you are convicted of them because that is where your points come from! But don’t be discouraged, because there are many strategies we can employ to convince the DMV in to allow you to keep driving even if you have crossed the threshold in the points category.

Lack of skill hearings are typically reserved for medically afflicted drivers and the elderly. Lack of skill suspensions in Orange County are increasing these days as our population ages, and it is sometimes the last piece of independence enjoyed by old folks that haven’t had an accident or ticket in many, many years of driving. The police and medical professionals are obligated to report their observations to the DMV when even the smallest of violations occur. This is how the process frequently gets started. Once the DMV gets rolling, you have very little chance of prevailing without a qualified advocate on your side. Even if you have already had an interview, or a hearing and drive test at the DMV and been denied your license, don’t give up! It’s not too late. Let me help by calling me today to represent you in your lack of skill hearing in Orange County.

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