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We Serve the following cities in Orange County, California

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Let me handle your criminal or traffic case in Orange County.

We will provide a high quality of service because we are committed to thorough and passionate representation for our clients. You can review our notable case results here.

We will defend your case like you are our brother or sister. If someone in our family was being charged with a crime, we would do everything within our power to get the absolute best results possible!

Knowledge and familiarity of local courts and aggressive representation translates into better results for you!

This way we can concentrate on familiarizing ourselves with the various people that work in the court where your case is located.  There are 7 major courts in Orange County that handle criminal cases and traffic matters:

We know there are many choices when it comes to hiring an attorney.  You need to know what can happen, what our strategy is, and what our plan of attack will be.  What defenses are available to you?  How can you help in your own defense?
We’ll start by employing you to help inform us what happened.  What do you remember about the incident?  We'll start by having you prepare for us a list of witnesses that could be called to testify if needed.  These may include percipient witnesses that actually heard or saw, or observed the incident.  This also includes character witnesses that know you personally and could vouch for your good character.
We would then have you prepare for us a statement of the case.  This is a statement of the facts of the incident as you remember them.  The police will prepare a report as soon after the arrest or contact as they can get back to the station to start writing.  You should do the same.  This way we can compare the police report to your own memory of events.  Do you think the police report is going to include any exculpatory information that could lead a jury to find that you didn’t commit the alleged acts?  Only your recollection may provide the full picture of what happened, and give me leads or where we can go to get other evidence as to what happened.

On many cases, we can appear for you and you may never have to appear in court.  This allows you to avoid the humiliation of coming and standing before the judge, in addition to the time sitting around waiting for the court to call your case.

We will listen to you and help you work through this difficult time.

We want to help you get past this period and move on with your life while not having to suffer from irreparable harm to your current and future employment and career plans. We know you don’t need to sit in jail if you are charged with a minor offense.  And if you are facing serious charges, don’t expect to serve a long jail sentence automatically. If you don’t let us try to fight for you, you may face a lengthy incarceration period.

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